How to Make Your Own Mineral Makeup

  • 01.01.2016

Although mineral makeup has become a huge trend in the cosmetic industry with a rapidly growing number of competing products, there is no clear definition what a product must or must not contain to claim to be a mineral makeup. It is, however, widely agreed that the term mineral makeup relates to a kind of makeup that is “powdery” rather than liquid or creamy and contains certain minerals including sunscreen minerals but no oily ingredients or other liquid ingredients. Mineral makeup were probably first introduced to the market by Bare Escentuals with the brand bareMinerals. The founder of Bare Escentuals, Leslie Blodgett, says of here products that they are “..composed of 100% pure minerals free of preservatives, talc, oil, fragrance and other harmful chemicals”.

Further, Bare Escentuals claims that their “founda- tions, cheek and eye colors have been crushed to a silky, creamy powder form...but it’s NOT a powder”. But what else is it? - Most companies, however, do speak of powders (loose or compact) of their mineral makeup. Other companies like Illuminaré, for example, also make liquid mineral makeup. Hence, it seems that each producer creates its own form of mineral makeup.