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Pickup Article was established in in 2007. The association speaks to significant power in components for making singular thought things and shading magnificence care items. We are happy to be one of the first associations in the US that has set up itself as a retail supplier of remedial components for little associations and individuals.

Beauty care products items Wire is a FDA-enrolled, OTC-approved cGMP/FDA office. We offer a broad assortment of restorative fixings, rough materials and contraptions for gathering singular thought things.

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How to Make Your Own Mineral Makeup

  • 01.01.2017

Although mineral makeup has become a huge trend in the cosmetic industry with a rapidly growing number of competing products.

Labeling of Cosmetics in the US

  • 31.12.2017

Although in the US manufacturers and importers of cosmetics are not required to have their products approved by the FDA (Food & Drug Administration).